For us

We established the Bulgarian Breast Cancer Association (BBCA) at the beginning of 2022 – 01/03/2022. It is a non-profit association for private benefit according to the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act. From December 2022, we decided to expand our activities and add the care of gynecological tumors to our goals. Thus we are now the Bulgarian Breast and other gynecological Cancer Association (BBCA).

Board members of BBCA are two doctors- Dr. Mariela Vasileva, breast surgeon and Dr. Elitza Valerieva, gynecologists.

Our mission

BBCA core mission is to improve survival and quality of life of patients with breast and other gynecological cancers in Bulgaria working together with medical specialists, different organizations in Bulgaria and abroad, patients and patients advocates.

We actively work for improving education of medical specialists involved in cancer diagnosis and treatment as we believe this will improve the oncological care!

Our activities are focused on:

  1. Improving survival of Bulgarian cancer patients.
  2. Improving oncological care for patients in Bulgaria and other countries
  3. Supporting education of professionals involved in diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  4. Improve education and supports patients with cancer