LIFE is an app for phone or computer, currently there is a version developed only for android phones. It is a patient diary where women (and men) with breast cancer can track:

  • the regular intake of their medicines
  • theis physical activity
  • moving their arm after surgery
  • the side effects of the therapy that have happened to them

In the app patients will also find very useful information on various topics provided by our consultants:

  • Д-р Мариела Василева
  • Д-р Маргарита Тарейн
  • Д-р Маргарита Таушанова
  • Д-р Ангелина Недялкова
  • Д-р Елица Валериева

Also in the app, all documents related to the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of the patient can be stored as pictures in different sections.

The most important person in the app is your assistant, who calls you periodically to make sure you’re okay! – The priceless Veneta Terziiska!

Become an active participant in your treatment by learning more here.

By enbbca

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